Tuesday, July 27, 2004

~ Are You Awake Too? ~

It's late, thus the Lateness Of The Hour is formed. I recently purchased that domain to create a web site dedicated especially for you late night owls (and I also include those dastardly early morning risers and those in between). However, since it (my web site) will take me some time to create and have it viewable for my lovin' public, this blog will have to tide me (and you) over.

Normally, I would discuss random tidbits about
insomnia and what you can do during your late night prowls, but what currently is on my mind is not sleep deficiencies, but heart break. Yes, I am one of love lost's children and recently fresh. It hurts bad, and I need a release. Sure, I am currently being loving supported by my close friends, but there are times and just random situations where I don't feel like actually talking to anyone. Writing can be a very powerful instrument and also oddly enough a healing tool. Not as good as chocolate, but heck, fairly close in my book.

One can only hope that this blog will help remedy my shattered heart. Maybe it will help you with yours too.

As you wish...


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