Thursday, July 29, 2004

~ The Law Of Relevance ~

"No matter how scared, or tired, or ill you are.... no matter how lost, or confused, or desperate you become.... no matter how lonely, depressed, or cranky you feel: If you just do what you can, with what you have, from right where you are, IT WILL ALWAYS BE ENOUGH."
This quote and others can be delivered to your in-box if you go to this web site: Totally Unique Thought's.
I like that quote.  It's true.  We tend to lose the focus in our lives over issues that stress us.  If we remember a quote like this in our time(s) of need, perhaps we will be able to relax and focus on the positive.  I am all for positive self improvement and with my current broken heart, I am especially open to the small philosophies of life that bring forth enlightenment.
This is Kabuki.  Otherwise known as "Buki," "Kapoopy".  Kabuki is a male Eclectus parrot.  Eclectus parrots originate from the Solomon Islands.  These islands are located close to New Zealand.  I have had Kabuki since February 2001 and he is very special to me.  Kabuki will be the mascot of this site and I will refer about him often.


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