Friday, July 30, 2004

~ The Village ~

I saw THE VILLAGE tonight. Go to this link to learn more about it:

Weird. For some reason if I put a hot link connecting "THE VILLAGE" to the site I want you to look at, Blogger wipes out THE VILLAGE title so you can't see anything. Anywho, click on the above link to view the official THE VILLAGE site.

I did not read anything about it prior to seeing it because I wanted to keep the suspense of not knowing what it was about. Came home and was curious about the reviews and went to Rotten Tomatoes and I could not believe it, the movie was panned! Huh? I thought it was very inventive, fresh, suspenseful, scary, dramatic, and romantic. All those elements in one movie? The acting worked for me and the cast was strong. I don't get it. If you saw it tonight (or any other time after this), what did you think?


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