Wednesday, August 18, 2004

~ Allow Me To Bore You ~

Not much going on today. I have been IMing with KK, but still, no excitement is there. I am not trying to compare KK with C, but I want the excitement that I had with C. It was just this unbridled energy that I haven't felt in a long time. That "honeymoon period" feeling? That euphoria? I love that (as I am sure we all do).

I ran out of my Fluoxetine. Normally I am with it on the online med ordering, but it just slipped me this time. Did a search for cheaper pricing and found a great site that dispenses meds without a prescription, and the meds come from Mexico. There is a two week wait for it, but the cost is really low, the best I have seen. UPDATE: The meds did take two weeks to arrive, but they are excellent quality and I am very happy with my purchase. The Fluoxetine was actually from PA! They did not dispense another med order to the quantity that I ordered so I sent them an e-mail and they got right on it. Sending me out what I need. It will still take two weeks, but at least their Customer Service was fast and reliable. I recommend this site.

I do NOT recommend this site, they are crooks! They actually run a couple of different sites, but you will recognize them with their "$19.95 Non-Refundable Processing Fee" and free gifts (that never come). NEVER, EVER pay for a "non-refundable processing fee" it's a load of crap. What is the "fee" for? To CALL your Doctor or if you don't have one to have a licensed clinician call you, which by the way they never did. I do not even want to get started with this company. I called my credit card and had the $19.95 charge retracted. Which they did with no problems. Consider yourself warned.

Watched some Olympics. Amazed at the male (and of course female) gymnastics. The Japanese men rocked. They make it look so easy and it's not, not even close to easy! I did some gymnastics in my youth and I remember the double bars, balance beam, and trust me....these people are not human for being able to do what they do.


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