Monday, August 30, 2004

~ Avian Love ~

Today was a sad, morose day for me. A good friend of mine, her Mother passed away this weekend after a long (three year) cancer battle. She called me this morning to tell me the news. I feel for her. My Father passed away in April of 2000. I will discuss how and all the particulars another time. Anyway, obviously I am sad for her and her family. It also reminded me of my own loss and today was a day to grieve for the dead, and dare I say, to celebrate existing life. I am very appreciative for what I have in my life.

If there is any good to all of this, her family is close(r) and her Mother is finally out of pain. I hope she is another plane that is eternally blissful. She has my condolenses.

Got out of the house today, it was beautiful. It has been very hot the past several days. With my perimeno going on, it's tough on me because internally I am SO warm. I even had to put the air on even though my top was down on my convertible! I don't turn on the AC, I'd feel too guilty (yes, I am green), but I need to have something blowing ON me to regulate my temperature. I also use my Pokemon hand fan.

Drove around in
the convertible and at the end of the day I had an appointment for Kabuki, my Eclectus Parrot. He was born October 2000. I bought him around February/March 2001 time frame. He had his first checkup year 2002, so he was due for his 2nd. Actually, I am a year behind (they should be annual) but he has been very healthy and I take VERY good care of him. I swear, he eats better food than I do. Harrison's Organic Pellets, organic nuts, sprouts, veggies and fruit. He is absolutely beautiful. His health shows through his feathers. Look for yourself.

Meow! Salsa!

Clean bill of health for the 'buki! He also had his nail, beak, and wings trimmed. Mommie thanks the Doc for that since it kills my hands/arms and when I get bit). My Avian Vet is just the nicest man. Very gentle and caring. I highly recommend him and the Clinic if you are in need of an Avian DVM. West Valley Pet Clinic in San Jose, Dr. Timothy Govers, (408) 996-1155.

After the Vet, went to Happi House with my good ol' 2 for 1 coupon, I just love their chicken salad.

Disaster #1

Decided to watch AIRPORT 1975 tonight. I remember seeing all those 70's disaster movies when I was a kid. Funny to watch them now. So many stars were in this movie, I am sure no names at the time. Erik Estrada was in it as a co-pilot. He bit the big one though, poor dude.

Disaster #2

Ooh, just finished, AIRPORT 1977 is on now! What a treat! Jack Lemmon is in this one. I liked him, great actor. Sad that he passed in 2001. Jimmy Stewart is in this one as well, definitely a fave actor of mine. How could he not be? And while all of this is going on, I am watching Stargate SG 1 in the PIP (picture in picture) screen. Ah, Michael Shanks, but I've already mentioned my fancy for him here. I missed him this weekend (as I am sure he missed me), he was at the Stargate SG 1 Convention in Sacramento. TR met and partied with him not too long ago, so maybe one day I will meet him, maybe. lol (TR told me that he is married to an Asian woman, so all is lost. :( I am half Japanese / half Swedish, Shanks is missing out. I am subservient and I can massage!)

I have been IMing with an old date of mine (from last year around July time frame). Something weird is happening. He seems to be interested in me again. We have been friends since we stopped seeing each other, that was never an issue, but he seemingly has renewed his interest in me. I think he is a good man, so we will see what happens. I am open to going out, but I am honestly not into anything big. Too soon for anything like that. It will take a lot to impress me again after what I just went through (regardless whether it's with C or PB) so, like I said, we'll see what happens. Just taking one day at a time. With C contacting me last week, it royally messed me up (i.e. set me back) so having a nice diversion is a good thing. If something becomes of it, well, lucky me!

I also had a very nice IM with KK last night, so again, when it rain it pours! I do not want to take anything seriously right now, still just moving through my emotions and letting it flow naturally, but it does feel nice to have people say nice things about you when you feel like
tar at the bottom of a pit.

I will probably edit my
Match profile tomorrow. We'll see what type of gents will contact me. It's always a ton of fun and I will be sure to share the choice ones.

This is just too funny:
The Spam Love Story.


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