Saturday, August 07, 2004

~ Change Of Life ~

I am bored. I need to change "things" in my life and I need to start now. With C and I no longer together, the excitement that I briefly felt is gone and has left me in a state of flux. I will talk about this further in other blogs.

Also, I do believe I have started to go through "The Change of Life". Yes, menopause. Sigh. I am only 37, so I do not think that it's actually menopause, but there is a condition called perimenopause. Guess what ladies? I found out that perimenopause can last up to SIX to TEN YEARS!!!! {faints} Yes, you read that right. Another reason for my somber mood. Middle age has finally hit me. I have listed the symptoms below and yep, I am pretty much suffering from ALL of them. I was spared no expense from the Meno Gods. The hot flashes are especially fun as I am currently walking around with a Japanese hand fan and during the day/night I have a white desk fan on me. I fear if I do not cool down I will melt like another certain woman we all know.

"Perimenopause is the period of gradual changes that lead into menopause. It affects a woman's hormones, body, and feelings. It can be a stop-start process that may take months or years. "Climacteric" is another word for the time when a woman passes from the reproductive to the non-reproductive years of her life".

Souce: Planned Parenthood

Here is a list of the symptoms (and further information on perimenopause/menopause:

As most women approach menopause, their menstrual periods become irregular - they happen closer together and/or further apart.

Other common symptoms include:

Achy joints, hot flashes, temporary and minor decrease in the ability to concentrate or recall, changes in sexual desire, extreme sweating, headaches, frequent urination, early wakening, vaginal dryness, mood changes, insomnia, night sweats, conditions commonly associated with PMS — premenstrual syndrome.

A woman may have one, some, or none of these symptoms. Symptoms can be very unpredictable and disturbing if a woman doesn't know they are related to menopause.

A woman's experiences during menopause may also be influenced by other life changes:

Children leaving home, changes in domestic, social, and personal relationships; changes in identity and body image, divorce or widowhood, retirement, increased anxiety about illness, aging, and death; loss of friends, loved ones, and financial security, increased responsibility for aging parents, anxiety about loss of independence, disability, or loneliness.

Increasing numbers of perimenopausal women also have young children to care for. Whatever the cause or circumstance, the conditions women experience before and after menopause are very real and sometimes need medical attention. While 10-15 percent of American women experience no symptoms of menopause, another 10-15 percent become physically or emotionally disabled for various periods of time by some of these symptoms of life changes. And all women face increased risk of heart disease and osteoporosis after menopause.

Perimenopause Is Unpredictable.

Perimenopause may begin as early as 35. It usually starts about two years earlier for women who smoke than for women who don't.

Women reach menopause at different times. The timing is not related to race, class, pregnancy, breastfeeding, fertility patterns, the birth control pill, height, age of menarche (first period), or age at last pregnancy.


The above information was taken from: Planned Parenthood.


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