Sunday, August 08, 2004

~ Happy Birthday Mrs. FF! ~

Today is RB's, oops, RF's birthday. Happy Birthday Hoochie Momma! First marriage, then a birthday, then a baby carriage?? :o)

I am going to have to get used to calling her RF from now on. It still trips me out that she is married. My hootchie married? Wow, too trippy. Recent 7/8/04. Beautiful
wedding and reception in Lake Tahoe. I had a wonderful time, it was heartfelt and I am very happy for her. Oh yes, her dress was absolutely fabulous, but forgot to view her shoes! And, THE RING! I will have to ask to see her Precious soon.

All I have to do is purchase their gift. Gotta get over to
Crate & Barrel and/or Macy's this week. I went shopping last Thursday with EW at Valley Fair specifically to purchase her gift, but of course we were late, had to eat dinner, buy make-up, eat Cold Stone (omg, Cake Batter!) and what was that I was supposed to buy? LOL

I am such a goober. I called RF tonight to wish her a Happy B'day and well, she was gracious enough to tell me that it wasn't until next month. D'oh! It's the perimenopause I'm telling you!! At least she knows that I am thinking about her. :o)

~ For now I dedicate these images to RF ~


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