Sunday, August 01, 2004

~ Is A Fan Belt A Deal Breaker? ~

I had a gent look at my convertible today. He pissed me off. He told me that he would "think about it." In other words, not interested. The reason? The car needs a new fan belt. I did not know this until he pointed out the noise that it makes. I do not know much about cars, but I do know a fan belt is not a huge deal. Not that expensive to fix. It certainly should not be a deal breaker for a used car. Especially one with all the brand new things that it does have on it.

I have owned my convertible for nearly four years and put less than 10,000 miles on it! For a 1991 with ~104K miles on it, that is nearly unheard of. Do a search, you'll see what I mean. Most 1991's have 150,000 miles on them.

He told me that once I get it fixed and "offer a good price" I should be able to sell my car. Oh my gosh, I nearly laughed in his face. I am not a motivated seller, so I will wait till I find the right person who knows what they are getting and can appreciate it.


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