Saturday, August 14, 2004

~ Left The Bat Cave ~

Today was nice. EW dragged me out of the Bat Cave and we ended up doing quite a few things. It was very nice to be distracted for so long and not think about C and cry my eyes out. I actually had a nice time, laughed, and enjoyed just getting out. To boot, it was a beautiful California day.

We weren't completely sure what we wanted to do. We are both easy going, casual, on the fly type of individuals. I just don't stress about doing things. I love to do things
"on the fly". We decided to eat some dinner first, so I suggested Willow Street Cafe, the restaurant I went with CV not too long ago. However, this time I got it right and went to the Westgate location and was able to use my aforementioned 2 for 1 Entertainment card.

EW ate what I had the last time, and this time around I was in a MEAT mood, so I opted for the Three Sausages and Three Mushroom pizza. It was good, but not great (it actually gave me
smelly toots later, hee hee). As for them REALLY putting three different types of mushrooms on it, nah, don't believe it. All the mushrooms were tiny and looked like normal sliced white button mushrooms to me. There were supposed to be some portabella and shittake, nope, did not see any. Normally, I would have said something, but at the time it was not a big deal AND I did not feel like eating chef spit so I left it as is.

After dinner we went to
Old Navy, but I did not see anything that I liked. Normally, I would want to buy out the entire store. Good thing.

Next up was
Starbucks. I tried for the first time the: Frappuccino caramel coffee and creamy caramel blended with ice, topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce (however, it was the "lite" version). My advice? Skip the "lite" version and go full throttle. I rarely drink coffee so the next time I decide to treat myself I want to taste full pleasure going down and not this funky tasting medina.

"Eat Me"

We decided to see a movie at Century 22. Alien vs. Predator. It was okay. You can wait till it comes out on DVD. After reading the (bad) reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, I decided that had I directed the movie, I would have changed nearly the entire premise. I am tired of writing right now, but I will later post what I think that movie should have been about. Do not read it if you do not want to read spoilers.

Only until I was driving home did I think about C, and sigh, got sad. Better though, I lasted seven to eight hours in distracted bliss. Hey, I like that name, good name for another weblog or a band.

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