Thursday, August 05, 2004

~ No Respect! ~

I was blazing mad today, I still am. I am normally a very easy going person, laid back. Calm. That is why my name is BLISS. However, there is one person on this planet who really rubs me the wrong way. I normally do not publish names, but with him I'll make an exception. I have been silent (publicly) about him for all these years, but not anymore. I am fighting back because he is an unclassy piece of work. My friends, my family all think he is self absorbed loser, and they are right. I cannot believe that it took me years to figure this out, to finally accept him for what he is. I always had love in my heart for him, he completely fooled me. I wasted nearly four years of my life with this bastard. He has placed an extreme amount of stress in my life. I used to love him, very, very deeply, but when I found out that he was leading a double life, had another girlfriend the same time he was with me, you can bet that all of that changed my viewpoint towards him.

All that I write is not made up, no lie. Everything that I state is FACT. If he finds my site and reads this, knowing him with his delusional mind, he will object. He is such a coward he could never come out and admit that he is the bastard that he is. Not do anything to rectify the situation. I cannot even begin to state how laughable he is. The lies that he created, the things he did to me, how could anyone make stuff like this up? Straight out of Jerry Springer he is. I won't even get into his other ex-girlfriend, serious white trash. And no, I do not say that as a cat's meow, it's the truth and I have a number of people who would back my words up. At the time I did not understand it, a 19-year old stripper? But now I completely understand. Both are seriously destructive behavior type people who lie and are completely self absorbed. They belong with each other. Oh wait, he told me that she is pregnant now, and of course, not married. See what I mean? For all I know he could be the Father. Trust me, it would NOT surprise me in the least.

The problem, the stress he has created for me? MONEY and lots of it. Over four years ago he was working on a film project and was in financial trouble. His laser company at the time was not doing as well as it did in the past (this was during the dot com bust). At that time I was making a nice sum of money, was absolutely in love with him, and being the kind soul that I am loaned money to him. $20,000, two separate checks. He also owed me another $5,ooo for some presents that he said he would buy for me (I paid for them) and other various loans of hundreds of dollars that I gave to him. Boy, was I an IDIOT. I will never be able to forgive myself for being taken by a con man. I cannot even BEGIN to list the pain and suffering I have gone through for this jackass and the way he treats me in return? Completely without respect. This is the thanks I get. He has laughed in my face, flipped me off, told me point blank that he was not going to pay me back, countless lies, countless times of "I have your money" and never following through. I ALWAYS have to ask him for money, he never, ever offers it to me on his own.

Today was no exception. I was so mad at him for failing to transfer funds into my account, yet again. He told me last week he would do it. He did not. I contacted him several other times, and he still didn't do it. Now, supposedly he is 100 miles deep in the Mojave Desert. Do I believe any of this? Absolutely not. It's always about HIM. Todd first.
TODD ROY. Liar extraordinaire. He tells me on occasion when he is feeling God knows what, that he is "sorry and that he understands what it feels like".


You don't believe me folks? I have the Instant Messages. I am sure he has tons and tons of mine screaming my head off. I have a signed contract from him promising my money to be paid in full LAST YEAR. To date, the payment that I have received? It probably totals less than $5,000. This is over a span of going on five years! I was "supposed" to be paid back ONE MONTH later for this loan, that is why I did it. I was assured this. I simply cannot keep my cool with him anymore, there is only so much a person can take. I do NOT deserve this!!!

After knowing him for so many years and knowing that he lies like no one I have ever known (he is completely pathological), he can sit there and seriously tell me these things with a straight face. I so do not believe him anymore. NOTHING that he says impresses me nor nothing that he says I believe. Bottom line? PAY ME BACK IN FULL, then I will believe whatever you have to say.

All I have to say is this.....karma is a BITCH!

p.s. He actually bought a half million dollar house while he still owed me money. GUTSY isn't he? He also co-signed a loan for a car for his white trash girlfriend, and Lord only knows what else he bought her with MY money. The house has since foreclosed and he went bankrupt. Now he is trying to tell me that if I sue him he is protected by the bankruptcy. NICE OF HIM HUH? He was kind enough to tell me today after I raged at him that I was "worse than AmEx". AmEx never LOVED him. My jaw is clinched tight.

p.p.s. Any lawyers out there? Any advice you can give me? When I get my job, the first thing on my To Do List is to SUE his ass off. I will take everything that he owns and I bet at that time he'll sit back and wonder why is this happening to HIM. Pathetic.


Blogger Lover said...

I am glad to see that you are letting loose with pent up anger. Todd the Tool is a total A$$ & you are totally right - he screwed you & what goes around comes around. GggggggggggRRrrrrrrrrrrr - he does not know what he is in store for with you. He got your Irish up & you are not even Irish!!! Now THAT takes a lot!

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