Sunday, August 15, 2004

~ Ouch, My Feet Have Blisters! ~

I miss Los Gatos. I used to live there many years ago by myself, in two different places. The first place was SO small, 400 square feet. It was all that I could afford at the time on my salary and driving a brand new MR2. I made the best of it, and I also mainly stayed at my boyfriend's house in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I loved waking up and having a bunch of deer right outside, very cool. Beautiful mountains and trees. Sigh. Yes, I miss it. Perhaps I will live there one day again.

EW wanted to go to the Los Gatos Art & Wine Festival on Main Street. I was all for it. We planned on going the day before, but we ran late (as usual), so we made the attempt today. Of course we were late again, but we managed to catch at least 10 minutes of it. Nothing special. Overpriced brick-a-brac. I want a couple of new gold toe rings, and snagged the business card of the little toe ring store at the festival. I purchased from them before. I love my toe rings. I have about four of them and have been wearing them for many, many, many years. I think feet are ugly, but adding shiny gold toe rings on them seem to change them from BLAH To AH. Whatever. LOL

EW saw and spoke to one lad that she recognized. The funny thing though, she could not remember his name (they went out on a date once). Considering that EW has a name/face database in her head and can remember stuff beyond comprehension, I could not believe that she could not remember this dude's name. She called a friend to figure it out. Too funny.

Beyond that, nothing really exciting was going at the festival so we decided to walk, walk, and walk around Los Gatos (hence the painful blisters). The Town itself is not that large so you can walk the entire distance in a good hour or two. Nice walking workout. We stopped off at the Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company and I picked up an iced mocha/banana coffee. Not bad, but not great. What is this? Strike two. Two coffee drinks in a weekend? Rare, and out of place for me. However, now I am on a quest. I am determined to find an awesome coffee drink. That's all I need, ANOTHER thing to keep me up at night!

Since the breakup, I have not been eating well. I'm not talking about eating junk food, I am talking about eating in general. I lost about seven pounds, and now I think I gained a couple back, but I am just not eating that often. I simply do not have an appetite. I think the hot days are affecting me as well. After EW and I parted ways, I was starving to death since I did not eat a thing all day, so I went to Happi House. Had a 2 for 1 coupon. I currently live with my Mother and we love our Happi House 2 for 1. The chicken salad? I love it. I usually purchase an extra pint.

I guess I have always been a coupon person, trying to be thrifty when I can, but overall I am not a cheapskate. Far from it. Not being able to control my finances put me in trouble in the past, and now in current time, so believe me, I am trying to bust out of this negative mold and be more conscious of my future. Right now, it's not looking so good. I feel like a loser. I never thought I would be in the position that I am in. All I can say is that I am due for something good. I thought my relationship with C was the start of a brand new future, new hope for me...but that was abruptly cut off without an explanation that I can even understand. Leaving me in the manner that he did, unforgettable and unforgivable.

I digress. Back to my Los Gatos story. Actually, this is probably a good time to tell you. I am a lot like the main character in CARRIE PILBY. I just finished that book and I connected with that character in a way I have never done before. It was as if I was reading about me. Very weird. Anyway, funny thing. I did a Google search on CARRIE PILBY because I wanted to see what else the author wrote and lo and behold! The Author, Caren Lissner, actually has a web site and moreover, a blog! LOL I'll give her some props on my blog, excellent book Caren! I will definitely read any other books you have.

Back to what I was trying to tell you...I usually think about three or four things at once. I always have. I start talking about one thing and switch to another thing. I am sure my blog is like that as well, in "scattered talk" so forgive me in advance if you are totally lost and do not know what the fuck I am talking about. Stay with me people! FOCUS.

Time to start a new book! Wouldn't you know? EW and I went to Border's in Los Gatos today. I picked up LIFE OF PI and THE LOVELY BONES. I have SO many books at home that I need to read, but I just can't help it. I love books, bookstores, and drum roll, spending money. Shopping is definitely mental therapy for me. Border's had a "Buy 1, Get the 2nd 50% Off" so WTF, I took the plunge. By the way, I know that I just mentioned I am trying to be careful about my money, and the truth is, I HAVE BEEN. So please, no advice mail about me buying two books. Honest, that is all that I have spent (besides the couple lipsticks on eBay).

Speaking of ex-boyfriends. I thought of one special ex, MT. I had a six-year relationship with him. He was 14 years older than me at the time. I was with him from my early 20's to about 28. I loved him, I loved him quite a bit. Although, even though I was with C for only two months, I loved C even more. Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, I did live with MT in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Beautiful three-story house. He had some serious bucks. Really, the only boyfriend that I have ever had that had some major $$$. That did not matter though, I loved him for who he was and how he treated me. He was a good man. I think it's sad that I haven't seen him in over 10 years. We talked a couple of years ago, a mutual friend of ours had died, but we did not meet up. We talked about it, but it never happened, and then I lost touch with him. The reason why I bring him up is because he had an office close to where EW lives. I was wondering if his office is still there. I want to look him up and say hi. Just so you know, we parted ways in good terms. I am SURE he would be completely surprised that I never married. Simple fact, no one ever asked nor would I have said yes. The only man I would have married in a heartbeat was C, but alas, that isn't going to happen.

Where are the older single men on Blogger? I swear, about 98% of the blogs that I read are either teens or students. No MEN. Well, there are some, but they are MARRIED. Where are the 28 - 40 yo SINGLE MEN? I would also have to bet that I am probably the only 37 yo SINGLE woman blogging on Blogger. Prove me wrong ladies!

I watched Bad Boys 2. What a piece that was. I wonder how many times they said the word "fuck", "nigga", "mother fucker", etc. You get the idea. It seriously must have been off the charts. I have Netflix so I ordered this film. Thank God because I would had been pissed if I had to pay $9.50 for it. Now, I am a reasonable individual. I can suspend my belief in movies, but the car chase scene they had was just SO over the top it was completely unreal. I am sure that if any cop in my city pulled that type of crap, they would not have an ass to sit on. Anyway, do not bother watching this movie, go mow your lawn instead.

My sleeping pattern is absolutely and completely screwed up. I wanted to try and get it together this week, but it's not happening. I will try soon. You are going to hear me talk A LOT about insomnia and poor sleeping habits so get used to it. That is what this blog is about, THE LATENESS OF THE HOUR. For now, I have been going to bed later and later and later. Today will be no different. I am going to bed at 7 a.m.

Just so you know usually from Thursday - Friday I do not write my blog in real time. Thank God for Blogger's "set your date and time to whatever you want you lazy bastard" feature. I am actually writing Sunday's blog on Wednesday, but hey no biggie since I've only had ~93 people look at my blog. I am working on building readership by doing all the "blog things" popular bloggers do, but no matter. I enjoy writing my thoughts out and the things that I did in the day. I like to spew venom and kiss out love. I used to do it in my journal(s) so I don't really see what the difference is except for the fact that my thoughts are public. I haven't lied, I am being real, but I am not putting it ALL out there, so it isn't a big deal to me. I am really not a private person anyway. My business is usually all out there. I have nothing to hide. Perhaps one day I will have a "secret blog", but ahhhhhhhhhhh, more work. LOL This blog is good enough for now. Ack, I am stopping here with this train of thought, I am boring myself.

I will have to mention KK in a future blog session. I am thinking about going out for a drink with him. Not sure yet. I am currently ambivalent about my entire dating situation. Men suck. But I still love them anyway.

I'll leave you all with this...

"Where is that perfect COFFEE dammit!?"


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Gloria Jeans has GREAT coffee drinks! Not sure if they are out in Cali but they are on the East Coast - yum yum yum. Glad you enjoyed Carrie Pilby! =0]

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