Tuesday, August 24, 2004

~ What Is UP With The Olympic Judging? ~

Watching male gymnastics again (Olympics). Russian Alexi Nemov, uh hot baby. SIX releases, received a 9.725, the lowest score! The crowd went absolutely ape shit for 10 minutes. Totally unheard of, but I don't EVEN blame them.

The Malaysian and Canadian judge scored 9.6 and 9.65, respectively. They changed their scores due to the outburst, so Nemov received a revised score of 9.762. What a crock of shit! He did not even get a metal! I am amazed.

Paul Hamm looks like someone I used to date (TF). TF broke things off with me in an E-MAIL on VALENTINE'S DAY in 2003. Needless to say, it doesn't bode well for Hamm. I don't care if he is our awesome USA gymnast. He really did not impress me. He scored a 9.812 and his performance wasn't even that impressive. He did not do more technical moves than Nemov or Cassina, WTF? The audience booed upon sight of his score and again, I don't blame them!

Igor Cassina of Italy

Igor, let me rub your hump!

Igor Cassina from Italy is HOT. Too bad I can't really find a picture of his face. I realize the picture of him falling isn't very flattering to his skills, but damn, look at his bod! LOL I like that picture, very artistic in its way. When I watched Igor perform he did two twisted releases and scored 9.812. He tied with Paul Hamm. I was appalled. No one else did what he did and he wasn't even rewarded for it!

I can't blog about this any more, I am too disgusted. UPDATE: After watching the rest of the Olympics and with all the mis-judging, doping scandals, etc. I got so turned off I stopped watching. I did not watch the last three days and I barely paid attention to the closing ceremonies. I thought it was boring and certainly not as inventive as the opening ceremonies. At least the joint was finally put out.


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