Sunday, May 29, 2005

~ The Boo Is Back! ~

I'm bored, I feel like blogging again. Or, at the very least post pictures that I find humorous. I have a warped sense of humor so if you can't handle it, please pass go. The nudie pictures (sorry, not of me, yeah I know, you want me) that I will post will have a link for them so hopefully I won't get in trouble with the Blogger Police.

For the most part I think blogs are boring. Some blogs are funny (I'll evidently list the ones that I like to read), but most are just rants on life. I listen to rants on life everyday, why would I want to read more of the same crap? On the news, from friends, and from my own life that after awhile when I read blogs its just BLAH BLAH BLAH instead of BLOG BLOG BLOG. Although, I suppose realistically that is why people blog, to get out their aggressions/frustrations. So WTH, who am I to bitch when I do the same thing. Basically this entire paragraph was worthless.

To "catch up" on my life, basically nothing has changed since I last wrote in my blog. I am still unemployed, living with Mom, have no love life, and running out of money. Time to sell more stuff that I don't want to sell. I feel like a complete loser, but I do have hope. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

I have created a work of life, a garden. I will be posting progress pictures soon. It's amazing how fast a seed can grow into a full blown plant with edible goods. I have been enjoying lots of fresh veggies. I love it. The only down side, gardening has fucked up my wrists. THEY HURT, constantly. I can't afford to buy $25 wrist guards (each) so I have been using self adhesive ace bandages. It helps, but it still hurts day and night. Any other suggestions for wrist pain? Since gardening gives me something to do and keeps me sane in the membrane, I suppose it's worth the pain. I'm PMSing, I need to bitch about something, so there it is.

I had two false starts this year. A "verbal" offer from a company called AJ, the position would have been in Irvington, New York. I was all set to travel to NY to look for housing and then the job was pulled out from under me. The reason: "Personality Conflict". In other words, the two men that I talked to who had their heads up their asses and didn't even know what some basic Product Marketing terms were, in a word, LAME. Egos are a bitch.

The second company CP, I thought for sure I was in the running and bam, I receive a fucking FORM LETTER of "thanks, no thanks". That was a blow to my ego and just overall major suckage. I fell into a depression for a month and just about gave up. I didn't care anymore.

My mood has since changed, I realize that I am a fighter, I don't give up and look out, I AM going to get a job! Funny how things work, Y and TM called me this week. SCH-WING! I have been on a resume blitz so this coming week should be interesting.

No offense to my religious readers, but I found this picture off a blog (can't remember which one, but when I do I will give credit where credit is due. His blog is hysterical.) I'm sorry, but this is just too funny. I SWEAR, when I first saw Pope B, I thought the SAME thing! Since Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith was coming out, it was just too close for comfort.

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