Saturday, June 04, 2005

~ Liars and Lovers ~

It seems like such a waste to take the time to write about things such as the following if no one is going to read it, but each blog has to start somewhere. With that being said, I will most likely repeat this entry in a new blog ( that I am creating with two friends. I want to remain anonymous on that site so this will probably be the only time I will mention it here, it’s going to be a doozy!

The premise is we will talk about our real life experiences with men we have “met” via online personal dating services (e.g., Yahoo, Lava Life, Christian Café, etc.). The losers, psychos, stalkers, cheaters, liars, and rarely, the lovers. You name it, we've been through it all.

To show this isn’t about us being jaded/one sided, we are including tales of “good” folk as well. Yin / Yang. It all balances itself out. I encourage readers to send in their submissions of the good, bad, and the ugly, both men and women. It will be a website to warn others about cheaters and freaks. To praise those who are amiable and worthy. A multi-function blog which hopefully will turn into a full blown website. This is the idea as it stands yet so far.

The following is an example of what I would consider to be in the “Out Of His Mind” category. I will list his e-mail today (he sent this to a friend of mine) and I will follow up soon my analysis of his letter.

For now, relax, and enjoy the ride.

(For authenticity sake, I will retain the original format of the author’s letter. Meaning no spell /grammar check, etc.)

This is probably going to prove to be very different from your standard email. I am looking for a Lady who is not content with the conventional church guy and wants someone who is extra-ordinary. I am admittedly a hard-to-fit guy for an odd reason - my Christian Spiritual Interests. While I am not a Pastor, Evangelist, or even a Sunday School Teacher (was pastor) - I am a Christian Spiritual Researcher and writer. I am currently spending many hours a day in prayer, meditation on the Word, researching and writing concerning the spiritual subject of "Entheos". This is the "Spiritual Principle" that Jesus taught that would enable a person to do the miraculous, just as He did, such as --- walk on water - walk through walls - raise the dead - move mountains - stop storms - Heal cancer, AIDS, heart disease, diabetes, strokes, virus, etc…. You get the idea - Real Jesus Miracles! Believe it or not THIS IS what Jesus was trying to teach His Disciples. He wasn't trying to teach them to be Pastors or Sunday School Teachers. The church commonly thinks that merely praying for people fulfills this task, but it doesn't - for have you noticed how very few people are actually healed and how few real miracles occur - in spite of Jesus' expectations to the contrary. Not only this, but attaining to This Principle would also greatly reduce crime, murder, poverty, famine, war, unemployment, divorce, incest, rape, fear and depression.
I have spent the past 7 years, 35-80 hrs a week praying, meditating and then writing on this subject. I believe that the time invested is well worth it! You have no idea how exciting it has been endeavoring to "Crack The Code". Entheos is actually the spiritualized version of Einstein's E=MC². The 1st person to break the spiritual 'code' will be…. However my work will not be complete till as Jesus clearly said, "He who believes in Me, the works (miracles) that I do shall HE DO ALSO, and GREATER WORKS than these shall he do…" (Jn 14:12). There are many such words from Jesus that say essentially the same thing (Jn
14:12 15:7, 16 Matt 8:23-27 14:22-31 17:14-20, 21:17-22 Mk 11:22-24 16:15-20 Lk 17:5-6).
So I am looking for that very rare, extremely hard to find Lady who truly loves Jesus, who understands that sacrifice is the essence of love, and is willing to focus her relationship first on the work of Jesus, THEN on her husband. This would mean that she seeks to serve God by serving her husband, simply by being an excellent wife - not necessarily a 'super saint' (for at times being playfully 'devilishly' cleaver has its merits too). I don't know if this is you - that is why I write.
Don't get me wrong I am not all philosophical, for in relationships I am very warm, very romantic, very amorous, witty, prankster, playful, fun - almost the opposite of my "research" self. I also understand the subject of love better than most for I have written a few books on the subject. True love is more of a marathon than a sprint. I also understand the factors that create love and those which detract from it. Well this too is a very interesting subject, but I much prefer to first found a relationship on the mutual interest of The Real Jesus. For if you don't have an interest here, why spend many hours writing and talking and then find out that we are incompatible spiritually - this would be a waste of time wouldn't it? But if you have some true interest in the things of God, I would love to get to know the particulars about you - those things which make you smile. Well hugs - Dr Sam - do write back! : )

PS If you would like to read 'one' of my books I can email it to you.
PSS Also, if you have questions or would like to talk, just ask and I will give you my phone number or email address.
PSSS In spite of my picture I do smile and laugh a lot - believe me : ) ;) :] :}~ ;\ ><>


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