Monday, October 17, 2005

~ Can You Hook A Brother Up? ~

I am not above pimping myself out on my blog to receive some things I desire. I have no shame. Hey, I figure there are some people out there with cash to burn, so why not ask? Not that I am deserving of said treats, but what the heck. I am sure I will be posting many more requests for treats so let's get it on! Contact me via my e-mail address if you want to play Sugar Daddy/Momma to me.

I love these:

Image hosted by

I am a huge fan of Halloween. ANYTHING Halloween themed is up my alley. I will post my Amazon Wish List sooner than later, but for now please enjoy these cute little tea lights.


Please note: I had to break the URL since it was so long so make sure you cut and paste (C&P) the entire URL so that you will have a proper jump. :)


Blogger Tinker said...

i love all things halloween too!

6:32 PM  

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