Sunday, October 16, 2005


My favorite month is here, OKTOBER. I friggin' LOVE October, Halloween, the thrills and chills. Hopefully I will post a lot of scary things.

I haven't posted in a long ass (what is a long ass?) time. I've been busy with this and that and I've been trolling other blog sites (see side bar)...I just LOVE celebrity gossip. I've been wanting to have my own goss/rip site for a long time, I created THE BEAUTY PROJECT and the THE UGLY PROJECT, but I have yet to post on them. Now I feel like if I do it will be wanna-be because everyone and their cousin has a celeb goss site. It's hard not to "copy" other sites on their look and feel, I wanted to create something somewhat original. I don't want to be a copy cat, not my style. Then again, why should I give a phuck cluck? If you pick up a goss mag like Star, US Weekly, Life & Style, People, it's all pretty much the same info just tossed into a different salad.

I have always been into celeb goss, I just love how the lack of reality exists in LA/NYC and the obscene amount of money tv and movie stars make as opposed to IMPORTANT professions, it just blows one's noodle. So, what else can you do but be jealous/envious and rag on them? Who cares if you think Paris Hilton has a melting nose, at the end of the day she has more money than you'll ever make in your life time, thing to do is to rip on the bitch. "LOVE'S IT!" ha ha

I dunno, it's probably way too much work having three blogs when I don't even post on one so I might just stick with this blog and we'll see how it goes. Since I didn't want to be a wanna be and be more original, I wanted the other blogs to include MORE than just celebrity gossip, fashion, etc. Political news, Economy news, World news, Environmental issues, architecture, furniture, automobiles, porn, just to name a few. So, we'll see what I come up with. I am feeling more inspired now to blog. I always feel like I have to write so much (things on my mind) that I get overwhelmed and then I don't feel like writing anymore. I feel "guilty" not posting. WTF is THAT all about since no one is reading this blog why do I feel like I am letting someone down? Weirdness. Blogging though is good and cheap therapy. I do love creative writing since I think I am pretty good at it. Also, pretty much all my friends have up and married and left me in the dust. So much for lasting friendships! WEEPS. Time for me to make more friends and what better way to do it than to "meet" you freaks?

I realize that this is an old pic (few months), but could it be any worse to see "SIR" Elton John as a GIANT piece of chocolate? No offense to the gay community, but it brings new meaning to "Hersey Highway". At least that was my first thought when I saw the pic. If I was at that ceremony and was able to eat a piece of him, I so would cut off his pee pee and cram it into my mouth. I think my 15-min of fame would BEGIN right then and there. The dude on the left is Elton's Partner David Furnish.
I wonder what he is thinking? Perhaps wondering if Elton is hollow or has a cream filling inside?

Image hosted by
Rocket Man!
SOURCE: Yahoo! Entertainment News. Whoever took the pic, here is your credit.


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